Sunday, September 6, 2020

9/6/20 Money has value, but what kind?

In today’s world money, your currency has value.

It is the way you use your money that is questionable.

Currency is used to buy or trade for the commodities that are needed for you to live here on the Earth plane.

It has gotten too complicated to be done without in 90% of the livable space.

The way the money is spread out is becoming an issue.

There is the very rich and the very poor.

The rich know how to get richer, unfortunately most of the time it is what makes the poor become poorer.

This balance is causing some social friction and leading to a point where it may break.

There must be a way to obtain food and the essentials for basic life.

Taking away that basic need is a fragile deed.

Some will not stand by and watch this atrocious attainment happen.

You must be able to make a living to feed you family and your basic needs met.

That’s all humanity is looking for.

And at this point, it is being squandered and taken away from them.

Yes, money has a value but be careful what value you put on it and human life.

We are with you.


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