Monday, September 14, 2020

9/14/20 With You

(I found a random dime yesterday and was wondering who it was from.)

Who is walking with you on the path of life?

Your loved ones that want to be close by?

Your guides that want to help you along?

Your angels that want to keep you safe?

The scores of others that are attached to the energy you exclude?

You are never alone.

There is always someone close.

You can choose to ignore them or engage them.

It’s up to you.

They are enjoying the way you are learning and experiencing all that is afforded to you.

They get your attention when there is something you might miss.

Attune to this opportunity of the wealth of knowledge and you will be greatly inspired.

These companions are the gems of your existence and worth the extra attention.

They will walk whatever way you want but they will be there – by you side.

Helping and loving you always.

We are with you.

Namasteith You

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