Sunday, September 27, 2020

9/27/20 Grief Pain

Grief pain resides in the physical body.

The pain is acute when the memories of the loss are in the thoughts and the mind of the person experiencing the grief. 

The feeling of continual loss with no resolution, no understanding, complicated this grief and therefore are the being back, the pain with it.

The thought of a new loss or a new reason to grieve will also dislodge this residual grief pain still in the heart or body.

Working through this idea and feelings about these losses will help you deal with your pain.

Giving them proper place in your existing life and fully facing and dealing with this loss will help you sort through it.

But the critical part comes when you discover the loss is only what you believe it to be – not permanent, not a loss but a change in perspective.

Nicole is still with you.

She is over looking your family issues today, in this situation and is and can be a big part of your life.

Allow her to be; allow her to exist in this way.

Her Spirit, her Soul lives on. And Lee’s will too.

Have the faith, the understanding to accept this.

Don’t give up.

You have much work to do.

You know this.  You just needed a reminder!

“Love you, Mom.”  - Nicole

We are with you.


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