Saturday, September 5, 2020

9/520 Above and Below

Whatever you have created for yourself in your spiritual life you bring with you here on the Earth plane.

You are still all of that and more.

Don’t cut yourself short or add limits to what you can do because you can do all that you set out to do, all that you believe you can do.

Your beliefs are the limiting factor.

You allow these limits because you are afraid.

Afraid to fail and afraid to succeed.

What would it feel like to accomplish something that you are conditioned to believe you were incapable of?

Remember – Do you believe what you see only?

Or do you see what you believe?

And if you believe more then would you see more in your life?

These are for you to ponder on and decide how to live your life –

Strengthen and grow into the full potential of who you are/

We are with you.


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