Saturday, September 19, 2020

9/19/20 No new post. Re-post from 9/19/13 Nightly Adjustments and Guidance

Some of the most pleasant encounters you may have in this life are the ones you have in your dreams.

We take the opportunity to meet with you at night.

It is within the dream state that we can do some adjusting and give some guidance too.

Sometimes we come face to face or sometimes we send a guest to deliver the message.

You must take the message seriously because we know that this one is going to help you grow and help you along the way.

Work on trying to consciously recover this information and the experiences.

There is a lot to know.

Write down what you remember, try to make sense of it.

Allow truth, love and understanding to come into your heart.

You’ll make the best adjustment and be well on your way.

Grateful that we can reach you with this help.


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