Tuesday, September 8, 2020

9/8/20 Asking for Help and Personal Satisfaction

Asking for help. Why not?

Asking for help is a way to open up to the possibility that you are capable of accomplishing what you are facing.
Don’t let your ego and pride get in the way of proceeding forward.
Little nudges in the right direction may be all that is needed to get you on your way.
We’ve been helping you along your whole life whether you know it or not.
Acknowledging our guidance and asking for help is an indicator you are ready for the next step in challenges and accomplishments.
Be amazed at what is there to learn and the new understanding that you’ll gain from taking the challenge.
We are with you.

9/8/20 Personal Satisfaction

Asking for guidance or help doesn’t take away your personal satisfaction.
Our guidance is given in a way that leaves open the doorway for accomplishment and personal stride in achievement.
We are only available when you are open to receiving it and when it is in your best interest.
What you do with the guidance is up to you.
It is always free will to choose what you are going to think, do or believe.
Personal satisfaction is also a choice that you can make.
Always do your best and reach for the sky.
You are limitless and bound only by the belief that you are not.
We are with you.

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