Sunday, September 13, 2020

9/13/20 Joy

Me: (Help me today focus on what will be for my highest good, and also that alone will bring me joy.)

Joy –

Joy is usually associated with the season of Christmas.

But it is an emotion that could be part of your daily life.

Experiencing it in daily life takes a little more effort than it should.

When you let the chaos and distractions of the world around you enter your emotional state of being, joy is pushed aside and harder to feel.

All of the tension doesn’t really have to take up such a big part of your energy field.

You control that.  It’s your choice.

Choose to put it aside and allow joy back into your focus,

  the joy of living, the joy of being.

Spend time and energy on something you care about, something your love.

The emotion that surfaces is the joy.

We are with you.



(Not everyone has the option of doing what they love every day, whenever they want. How do they look upon having this joy in their everyday life?)


Look upon, that is the right phrase you used.

It is the way you look upon what you think, say and do in your everyday life.

Changing the way you look upon your work or even the chores of everyday life can bring your emotions back into joy.

Who do you do them for? Who benefits by your effort?

Do them with love and passion and you will feel it.

There is a purpose for your life beyond the mechanical functions of the day.

Look upon that purpose and you will feel fulfilled and the love and joy will be realized.

Joy be with you.


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