Saturday, July 11, 2020

7/11/20 Development and Publicly Speaking

7/11/20 Development

All of the effort and energy you put on one part of your spiritual path does not go unnoticed.
You are in the development stage and all of this is compiling and making such a difference.
You are feeling the energy stage change when you sit in meditation.
It builds differently and enables you to be more balanced and clear.
It will only feel strange and different until you adjust and get quite used to the new level.
Much more is coming.
We are with you.

7/11/20 Publicly Speaking

This information that we are sharing with you is very useful and could help many along the way.
It was given not in order to be put on a shelf and forgotten.
This information can be shared with all whom seek it.
We open this communication to you to share as you feel comfortable in doing so.
We honor your public speaking.
We are always with you.

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