Thursday, July 23, 2020

7/23/20 Physical Discomfort and re-post from 7/23/13 Patience

7/23 20 Physical Discomfort

Pain can be one of the world’s biggest distraction.
It can and will keep your mind focused on the situation of the physical ailment and away from your spiritual path.
Work on a solution to satisfy your body.
When it quiets down then more will be given you.
We are with you.

re-posted for 2013 7/23/13 Patience

I said, “Of course I want to know what you have to say about the word patience.”

You've heard” Patience is a virtue.”
Well, it truly is.
To wait for something that you are emotionally eager to have without being too dramatic or insisting takes a great amount of patience.
You stay in this state without losing your composure by knowing that when the time is right you will have what you are waiting for.
It will be in perfect order and receiving it will be sweeter than you might expect.
Trusting and allowing the timing to be right is the grace that you call upon to wait.
Knowing that the outcome will be what you want and it's just a matter of time allows you to wait gracefully.
You are learning not to give in to the urge, to insist or worry about it happening because you trust your source.
Open your heart and feel the love and be patient for everyone and everything to be in divine order.
Then it will come.

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