Tuesday, July 7, 2020

7/7/20 Positive Way and Being Peaceful

7/7/20 Positive Way

Each and every moment counts, so don’t discount any.
You get them to make whatever you choose to make of them.
And you will be the receiver of their value.
Looking upon this situation and applying these moments in a positive way will be very helpful.
(Sorry I fell back asleep, more to come later.)

7/7/20 Being Peaceful

To practice the art of peaceful thinking and manifesting you need to start with the peace that’s found within.
There at your core, you will find it and be able to bring it forward to soothe and comfort every part of your body, the Earthy suit you wear.
But the peace within is not temporary.
It is the permanent part of you that resides there alongside the love you are made of.
Together, these elements can do just about anything.
Practice finding them, practice knowing how they feel and you will be at peace.
You are never alone.
We are with you.

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