Friday, July 17, 2020

7/17/20 Your Benefit

7/17/20 Your Benefit

Life here on the Earth plane has its ups and downs.
It is not always the easiest to maneuver.
When you learn to go with the flow and not let everything be a hurdle on the path it will become an easier ride.
Take one step at a time and live it from the most compassionate understanding perspective that you can.
Realizing that it’s your life you are living not everyone else’s.
That you are the one to benefit from what you are learning and experiencing.
It may benefit others later but it is there in that situation for you.
Live it, grow through it.
You are doing well.
We are with you.


Each of you have your own personality stamp.
You were born with some of it. 
The rest developed as a learned conditioning.
The learned conditioning part is temporary and can be changed with will power.

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