Thursday, July 16, 2020

7/16/20 Least Expected and A Pause

7/16/20 Least Expected

Death might come when you least expect it but it is when you are expected to make the transition.
It is in your life plan and it is when you are ready.
In the physical world it may not see so but it is so.
One of the hardest lessons here on Earth is to know and accept this part of your life – death.
It is not easy.
It is with great love that we are able to let a person go.
We are with you.

We are here!
We are with you.
Whenever you feel alone, come here and we will comfort you.
There is much you need to know about life and death.
There is much you need to accept before you can fully understand the reality of who you are and what you are doing here.
We mentioned your sister, Judy because she is here to help you.
Open up to her great knowledge and guidance.
They are here to help you with this situation.
They are here to show you love.
All is well.
It may not seem well but it is.
Let this sit on your heart.
Let it help with the heaviness.
That is the comfort we are bringing you.
We will carry him home.
We are with you.

7/16/20 A Pause

Peace is when your heart is settled.
It is when you feel the most at ease.
You have chosen to allow this feeling into your life.
The chaos has been pushed away and forgotten, even if for only a minute – a pause.
Come to this peace and you will be healed.
We are with you.

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