Saturday, July 4, 2020

7/4/20 Independence and In Memory

7/4/20 Independence

Independence is a sign of free will.
You always have your free will.
You have choices to make every day of your life.
What you do with them and the way your honor your choices is up to you.
You still belong to humanity, so you can’t have total impendence and you probably don’t really want it anyway.
You want to belong to certain groups at different times in your life.
They afford you certain learning and experiences.
But your choice to pick which ones and why is where your independence is more valuable.
Only when you are feeling strapped and being manipulated out of control, do you need to secure your independence from that group.
We are with you.

7/4/20 In Memory

This day is set aside in memory of independency.
Your group, your country, secured the right to make decisions in an independent way.
They vowed to do this in a fair, honest, humane way.
This was not always held up in some of their decision, so it is time to rethink that independence vowed.
They once thought it was such a great idea.
They need to look at the values of each and every person, 
  and believe that it is justice for all.
We are with you.

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