Sunday, July 5, 2020

I heard this loud and clear. Why? 
Do not use the delete button today or tomorrow.

7/5/20 And So It Is So

Today, we talk about tomorrow,
   what it is like to think and plan for tomorrow.
Really, without knowing anything about what is going to happen tomorrow,
   you set course, thinking and planning which sets in motion some of the activities but not all of them.
A certain amount depends on what is already in motion for the day.
You must leave open a certain amount of energy and time for that.
Whatever is going to happen does and you must react and use that in your plan for the day.
Sometimes, things just happen and it doesn’t have to completely ruin what you wanted to see for tomorrow.
Stay flexible and let your plans adapt to the new energies.
All is well.
We are with you.

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