Tuesday, July 14, 2020

7/14/20 True Patience and Understanding and The Blessing

The wisdom comes through you not from you.

7/14/20 True Patience and Understanding

True patience and understanding are gifts of the Holy Spirit.
They are given to you when you have asked for them.
They help you in time of need when you are aware of their existence.
You can then slow everything down a bit and see what is happening and how it all fits into your life.
Call upon the Holy Spirit to help you with these gifts and you will see the difference it can make.
We are with you.

7/14/20 The Blessing

The blessing is in your name.
It is a vibration that is connected to you personally.
You can feel it when someone calls out to you.
Even if it is barely heard, you know it, you feel it.
Your children’s names are the vibration you have given them and it is connected to your heart.
When you hear their name, they can feel it and you can also feel it.
You are forever joined by this heartstring, by the love you share.
Call their names, honor them, each and every one.
Let the vibration ring high and loud - 
Let the love be felt.
They can hear you.
The vibration will bring them closer,
We are with you.

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