Monday, July 27, 2020

7/24/20 Something You Can Contribute

(Me: I humbly ask for a way to serve.
This is how I can do that.
It is only through the humblest way I can accomplish this.)


Briefly, take the focus off of what you want, what you need.
And place that energy, that focus, on what would benefit the community, the country, the world, the All.

It maybe that sacrifice will be exactly what is needed.
Find out what is being called for and see if it might be something you can contribute.
Maybe your time, talent, or a resource that you have is what is lacking.
If that is the case, and you are able to help, able to serve, you will have a great sense of well-being.
It will benefit more than you know.
It’s a great time to pull together.
By helping others, you help yourself.
Much is accomplished, much is gained.
We are with you.

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