Monday, July 13, 2020

7/13/20 No new post.. re-post from 7/13/15

7/13/15 Your Health and Well Being

Don't always look at what is wrong with you and your life.
Look at what is right and wonderful.
You are simply giving energy to the things you don't want to happen.
Change your mind from all that you do not want in your perception.
Stay steadfast in your desire to see change and you will begin to see it.
Take charge of your life and don't rely on others' input so much.
They are guiding you down the wrong path.
Simply believe that your health and welfare will be improving and you will see that change.
Read about the power of positive thinking and say a mantra for your health and wellbeing daily.
Your energy will clear and the shift is on the way.
Focus on the change you want to see.
These miracles happen every day--
We are with you.

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