Wednesday, July 8, 2020

7/8/20 Technology and a re-post from 7/8/13 Fallen Heroes

7/8/20  Technology (not really enough to post)

With new technology comes so many new ideas and advancements for your planet.
Some are helpful and useful.
Some cause more destruction.  (more later?)

A broad-spectrum is used.
Private or public, the red side is for communication.
The green is for the Earth.   (done?)

 7/8/20 re-post from 7/8/13 Fallen Heroes

Fallen heroes are the ones you want to honor after they have passed.
You look upon their journey here and see the courage with which they have made their way.
Despite the challenges they have faced, they’ve left a legacy of remarkable selflessness.
When faced with danger they put their safety aside to help others.
It was their final lesson and they passed it with flying colors.
Paying tribute to their lives and making note of their selflessness and courage will be a lesson for you also.
There are many fallen heroes, not just the ones you celebrate with holidays.
There are many who remain indiscreet but you know who they are.
Honor them also for they have made their mark.
If when you pass others think of you as selfless and courageous (the love you gave) then you will be honored too.


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