Wednesday, July 15, 2020

7/15/20 Open to All and So Loved

7/15/20 Open to All

Each and every one can have this kind of communication.
All it takes is the will to do so.
You have asked and we have come.
You have opened the door to us bringing in the guidance that you need.
As we enter into your consciousness, you write down what we are making you aware of, word for word.
You listen with your mind, body and heart.
It becomes clear.
We blend with your mind and you put your thinking aside.
It is that simple.
It takes a little practice. It is a conversation.
But it is open to all.
We are with you.

7/15/20 So Loved

Now that we are here, we will tell you how much you are loved.
Much of the suffering that is happening is because of fear.
Fear is man-made and is separating you from your true self.
We have been telling you how your thoughts are creating your reality.
If your thoughts are only about fear, you are creating the fear-full reality.
Rather, fill your mind, body and heart with joy and love and then your reality can only go there.
Keep yourself busy with the things that bring you happiness and pleasure and you will go there.
Work towards the change you want to see by only thinking of the good that can be accomplished by the virtue of your true nature – peace and love.
We will help you.
There will be more and more come to help you see the way.
Nothing will be left to guess.
There will be no distractions.
You will see the love.
You will know what to do, trust that.
You are so loved.
We are with you.

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