Saturday, June 12, 2021

6/12/21 Commitment and 6/12/21 Growth and Understanding and Repost from 6/12/13 Your Reality


6/12/21 Commitment


Your commitment level is amazing.

You’ve made an incredible dedication to this Spiritual connection.


The Spiritual Connection is here to boast your moral as well as those who are touched by the messages.

It is a way for all of you to see things from a different perspective.

It takes an everyday occurrence and gives it a special meaning.

Helps you to find peace, love and happiness in a stressful situation.

It has brought healing and comfort to you as well as many others.

We are grateful for our time together and the continued level of meaning it has in your life.

6/12/21 Growth and Understanding


There are times when you just need to have the comfort of knowing there is more to living.

You just need to know that the struggles and challenges you are facing have great meaning, beyond what is obviously there.

Life has brought many challenges and lessons to you and those around you.

But with them comes a level of growth and understanding.

It is hard to sit back and watch while others are working through their challenges.

They are learning and growing as well.

You can provide some support but much of it they need to find for themselves.

Their guides are with them, helping them make progress.

You are never alone.

It is that growth and understanding that is so meaningful.

And will bring peace and love back into sight.

We are with you.



 Repost from 6/12/13 Your Reality


Say it and it becomes your reality.

Do you find that this is so?

When your thoughts get to the point where they become your words then they are well on their

way to creating your reality.

We tell you this because it is important.

Many speak of the things they do not want.

They complain and complain about the things happening around them that they do not want

to be affecting them.

Yet because it has caught their attention, they are focused upon it.

Even though they say they don't like it, the energy they are giving to it draws it even nearer,

making it part of what is influencing their lives.

Noticing that these things exist and you don't like them is enough to pass them by.

In passing by, you allow them to leave and something new to come into play,

maybe something you do want.

Put your focus on that and with trust and love in your heart and be ready to receive.


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