Tuesday, June 15, 2021

6/15/21 Healthy Body and Soul and Repost from 6/15/13 New Changes


6/15/21 Healthy Body and Soul


Your body is the temple of the Soul.

It does its best to stay healthy and balanced for that reason.

It is your job to give it the proper care for it to flourish and stay healthy.

Take one day at a time to make sure this is being done.

Pay attention to the signs it is giving you when it out of balance.

Make the adjustments needed.

With a healthy body you can feed the Soul what it needs to stay in balance also,

We are with you.



 Repost from 6/15/13 New Changes


Permanent space is occupied by the things that are to be left as is.

Temporary stuff can be moved around to satisfy your immediate needs or wants.

When the needs or wants change you can certainly move the stuff from that space.

Being flexible to move things around will bring you the most benefit because of the

constant change we are always making.

Look forward to the changes because they are signs of growth.

We are growing in understanding and experience.

With each new step forward brings new needs and wants and therefore possible change of things.

Make room for these new changes by recycling the things to be used by others until it is no

longer useful.

Sharing one's resources make it the best use of all natural and unnatural things.

There is much to go around if we share.

It is a time of much movement and new opportunities.

Be excited about the chance to grow and experience the new.

All is well and all is at peace.



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