Saturday, June 5, 2021

6/5/21 Working Together and Cicadas

Working Together  

All of the work, all of it, is so important.

Everyone has something that contributes to make it all work.

Even the person that tightens the bolt at the factory tightens it for an important reason.

Take every job seriously and do the best you can at what you do.

Your world is a huge maze of structural and non-structural supports that help to make it run smoothly.

Work together like a team that has a united goal and proud of it.

It all comes together.

Each section supporting another.

We are with you, working together.





Not everything in nature do you find pleasant and enjoyable.

But all of it is necessary and there for a reason.

We do not feel that you understand or have the larger picture.

But like everything else, it is there for a reason.

Leave it alone and let it be, you will benefit from its existence, one day you’ll see.

Practice your patience.

Look upon it with tolerance and love.

They belong here too.

We are with you.


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