Friday, June 25, 2021

6/25/21A Village and 6/25/13 Resilient

6/25/21 A Village
It does take a village to raise one warrior.
The villagers come together in common need.
Looking out for the best solution or answer to the challenge.
Fully vaccinated, so, we can help defend this honor.
Carrying the last few pieces to home.
The mission is complete.
Support, comfort and love reigns high in this warrior.
We are with you.

6/25/13 Resilient
The human being is very resilient.
A lot can happen to you and there is still hope for survival.
With the changes that come about, you must adapt to your current situation.
But what can be done to make life full and fruitful again?
These are the challenges of living here on earth.
Change is the inevitable and with that change comes the continual adaptation to make adjustments needed to keep a sense of balance and growth.
Look upon these challenges as gateways to a new part of the adventure of living.
You may be uncomfortable and sadden by your new situation but there is much to be taken and
learned from this perspective.
The grace and love needed to benefit and overcome some of these challenges is being given.
Fortitude to make this adjustment and strengthen your resolve is within reach.
Now is the time for you to look deep into your heart for the innate strength to find hope in living to your fullest again.

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