Monday, June 28, 2021

6/28/21 Coming Home and Your Health

 Coming Home 

Coming Home – Coming to see what coming home is all about.

Most are not given the opportunity to come and see what it is like.

There are few but it is rare.

So, don’t put yourself in a position of existing unless you are ready to come home.

It is far too easy to take the exit if it’s that close.

Once you go that way, there is usually no turning back.

We are with you.



 Your Health

Your health is always an immediate concern.

Taking care of your body, your Soul’s temple is utmost importance.

When it feels good, it is much easier to deal with the daily chores and all of the adventures and challenges that come your way.

Good food, plenty of water and exercise will allow it to continue to function at its fullest potential.

If you aren’t feeling well physically, you aren’t able to function at the level you desire.

When you make it your priority to make good choices, you’ll feel the difference.

We are with you.


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