Friday, June 4, 2021

6/4/21 Celebrating Birthdays

Bringing in why to celebrate birthdays.

It is the day, the special day, the Soul has chosen to come to Earth.

Yes, the stars and moon are right for the character to be formed for this young person.

The planning went back several months before, when the person was conceived.

The right elements came together just as the master plan was formed.

Lots and lots of planning went into this creation.

The collation of which all comes together on this special day.

So special for this young child but also for the parents, as well.

A new chapter in all of their physical lives has begun together.

Love and grace surround them at this time.

It is a time of reflection and rejoice (R&R).

Celebrate the wonder.

Celebrate the progress this Soul has make on its journey of life.

We are with you.


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