Wednesday, June 2, 2021

6/2/21 Sorry, no new post. Great reposts from 2013, 2014 and 2016


6/2/13 Grandest Message


Having known what was to come from within is easy but following each word one after another

is more challenging.

Channeling is listening to each word and repeating it in your mind, saying it or writing it down.

It enables the wisdom of the spirit to be heard through you.

You don't have to do any of the thinking, any of the planning.

Spirit has done it all.

You just sit in a quiet place and listen to each word.

You must trust that what you hear will be what is needed.

Bringing forth Infinite Intelligence is the best result.

Feeling that the words you say or write are important help make it worth it's while.

It will bring wisdom and healing to all that hear its words.

It takes a bit of practice for not knowing what is coming next.

But we are so gracefully grateful for someone to bring forth these words.

You too can hear our messages if you will stop and listen.

Pay close attention. They are not your words but ours.

Then just write down what you hear us say.

True wisdom joins us together as one and raises the vibration of the soul.

You can feel it immediately knowing who's the source.

Stop, listen and share. You will be treated to delight.

Our grandest message is about the love that is found inside you.

Open your heart and allow that love to be a big part of everything you think and do.

It will serve you well bringing great joy and happiness.

That is the point you know!




6/2/14 Trust the Journey

It will all work out.

You spend too much of your time worrying.

Let go of the idea that what you want to happen is always the best experience.

Maybe life has a few more twists and turns for you to take that may provide more.

More of what you need and more of what you can learn from.

Most importantly, there may also be a situation that you know nothing about that will bring you something special.

Allow life to unfold as it will, instead of being driven by too much worry and planning.

Leave a little leeway.  

Trust the journey.



6/2/16 Let Go and Let God!

For once in your life stop trying to control everything.

There are things that are just better off left alone.

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