Sunday, June 27, 2021

6/27/21 Life Happens and from 5/27/20 Walk with Confidence and a Personal Reflection on the Pandemic


6/27/21 Life Happens


Don’t spend so much time trying to predict everything that is to happen because you can’t

Life happens as it may, depending on the energy and choices of many.

You cannot be prepared for all of that.

Examine your heart, examine what you really feel and know about yourself.

You will learn much more there.

We are with you.



And from 5/27/20 

5/27/20 Walk with Confidence

In this state of unknowing, you seem to be clinging to the thing that you can count on like the days of the week and the weather.

But faith allows you more than that.

It allows you the confidence to know that things will change.

There will be more and more known about this virus, this situation and then you will be able to adjust your living conditions to someday walk out with confidence.

We are with you.


5/27/20 (Personal reflection)

Really is that true?

I have never felt this imprisoned, fear of being sick and how I can walk with confidence again?

I see fear in everyone’s eyes – over their masks, I see fear.

I see hope that this is enough, 6 feet and the mask and hand sanitizer.

We are doing what we can but this has made us cautious.

This has made us scared.

What will win our confidence back?

This is here, it feels real.

Even though I live in a world of illusions.

It is real for this world.

It is getting people sick and taken lives.

So, more than distance and the mask and sanitizer what will it take?

How can I feel confident to live freely again?

This is enough to be uneasy about the future.

Help us to bring in hope, faith and then the knowing –

I sit here close to you, my guides, because this is where I come for the truth and in that I find peace and that helps me not feel alone.

Thank you –


I get up every day and put one foot in front of the other.

I do what is put before me in this small space of my residence.

I work on myself and my relationships.

I avoid the chaos of the outer world.

Hoping that the peace and commitment I have here will permeate this wall and have an impact outside of my protected space.

Beyond that I cannot see I cling to the knowledge of change coming and it is enough.

If I stay here long enough?

If I don’t ask for anything more –

I am content.

Will that be enough –


The last 12 years I have avoided the hard, the uncomfortable because of the pain I associate with that.

My heart has not healed enough to handle more.

So that’s really where I am at.

I need more help before I can walk with confidence.

Thank you for the self-realization.

(Sirens in the distance always makes me feel scared and uneasy.)

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