Sunday, January 10, 2021

1/10/21 Confusion and Bring Forward


 So, what causes such confusion in your life.

Is it the fact that you don’t have all the information or is it the fact that you can’t remember it all?

Confusion is common among the people on the Earth plane.

There is much going on and much to be remembered and sorted out.

You and your memory choses to recall the most important aspect of your experience.

Although it is all there, it doesn’t always recall every minute part of it.

This memory and recall system are a unique part of the expression of who you are.

Chemicals and your body make up are also part of this equation.

Most importantly, it is unique to you and your life and all of it is remembered at the soul level.

We are with you.  


Bring Forward

Yes, you are part of the history being made.

You are part of this unique time.

All of your experiences and reflections go into the making of this experience.

And this experience is for the growth and expansion of all.

Be aware of who you are and what part you are contributing because that is a reflection upon itself for you.

What do you want to bring forward and help to create the new –

We are with you.


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