Sunday, January 3, 2021

1/3/21 Start the New Year and Perfect Order

The holiday is over, all being the lights and tinsel are taken down.

Does this make you a little sad?

You can feel the change in the atmosphere.

Was it those colorful bright lights that made the difference or was it something else?

Returning to the normal routine of work and school signals the holiday is over.

Happy and well rested, as one can expect.

There is a lift in your step and you heart is filled with cheer.

This is a wonderful way to start the new year.

We are with you.


Perfect Order

The days, months, and years are divided in order for a reason.

Now that you are used to it, they make perfect sense.

But the change that you feel is not as abrupt as turning the page of the calendar.

It is a growing sense that you feel.

You only use the calendar names to acknowledge it.

But it is there, the natural changes of nature,

 moving through the cycle of life.

Do not resist its change.

Allow it to flow freely and find joy and happiness in each of its steps,

  for it brings balance and growth with it.

All is well.

You may rest and trust that in perfect time the sun will rise and the flowers will bloom and you will grow a little older, whether now or in June.

We are with you.


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