Monday, January 25, 2021

1/25/21 Greatest Teachers and Who Are My Greatest Teachers?

Greatest Teachers

Your life here is so important.

You’ve come here to accomplish certain things including to learn and understand much of what is around you now.

Do not shut out the part you find not pleasant and misaligned with you.

You will certainly grow and learn from understanding it.

Your greatest teachers are sometimes the ones you find hardest to understand.

It’s a challenge and will take some patience, creativity and effort on your part.

The result will be worth it to both you and others.

You are all in this together.

We are with you.

Watch, guidance is being given.

Listen, and you know.



 Who Are My Greatest Teachers?

Your greatest teacher is the one that you ignore and avoid at all cost but is somehow is still coming to your door.

They won’t give up because they are there for a good reason.

And like a small rock in your shoe, it is causing irritation, pain and annoyance.

If they have your attention, figure out what they are here to teach you.

Face something you have been ignoring.

Answer the call with understanding and love –

Then the lesson will appear.

It will be your choice to learn from it or not.

We are with you, always.


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