Wednesday, January 6, 2021

1/6/21 Spiritual Gifts (Fully Aware) and a re-post from 1/5/14 Bring "Magic"


1/6/21 Spiritual Gifts (Fully Aware)


Each of you have a special trait, a spiritual gift, so to speak.

You are given this strength so you can help others in this manner.

By now you might have discovered where this strength lies.

Be honored and grateful for your gift.

Use it fully with no reservation.

It is there to help you learn and grow upon your path as well as teaching others about theirs (love and life).

How can I best serve?

Be not afraid.

Hold back nothing if life allows you the opportunity fulfill your destiny.

We are with you.



1/5/14   Bring “Magic”


Attitude is what makes you feel the “Magic”.

It is always in your possession to create this wonderful feeling.

But the loving, believing attitude allows it to come into being easier, freer than before.

Deciding that no matter what the troubles around you are, you are going to be uplifted and bring a smile along.

The feeling is quite contagious and spreads quickly, for sure.

Soon many more around you are smiling than before.

Allow that feeling in your heart to sit there for a while.

It is a healing energy and a respite for yourself.

You take everything so seriously and worry every day.

Just take a small vacation to bring the magic of happiness with you today.

Look for the smiles, laughter and even some sparks to fly around.

Bringing this joy will be doing your part.

Smile and hear the song.

“Magic” is the key word.



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