Friday, January 1, 2021

1/1/21 The New Year and Changes Repost form 1/1/15 Start Every Day


Clear Words of Wisdom January 2021


1/1/21 The New Year

Take this time to welcome in the new energy that is present at this time.

Let it help guide you toward what is best for you.

There is a new group of opportunities available as the counting of the days of the year begin.

Choose wisely.

They come with much to be learned and valued.

Each bringing forth many experiences to learn and move forward.

We are with you.



1/1/21 Changes

 As the number of the year changes so does its energy.

A new meaning and purpose arise and sets in motion what is likely to be the tone of energy present.

Make a shift to come into balance with this new energy and adjustments accordingly.

Much will be known and you can pick what is best for you.

All is well.

We are with you.



1/1/15 Start Every Day


Start this day and every day of the New Year with love in your heart.

Do not let the worries of tomorrow get you down.

Stay focused on what you want to see and you will see it.

Allow guidance to be given when needed.

Walk with the confidence that all is in perfect order.

Allow life to bring you everything that you need for your purpose.

Trust that it will be known and you will live it.


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