Sunday, January 17, 2021

1/17/21 What is…

The ground of the Earth is made of many footprints.

It is the trail of many beings that have gone before.

Some have trod lightly and some have left a heavier mark.

The path is warned down eventually and most marks have all but disappeared.

Ages and ages have gone by yet some of the scars are still there if you look closely.

These craves are there as reminders of what destruction can do –

It is only through understanding can they be changed and transformed into a more beautiful, acceptable reflection of time (Wonders).

This is a time when patience, understanding and love are needed.

The destruction is known and yet the final impact is unknown.

Lighten your heart and allow the change and healing to be part of the transformation.

There is much work being done and it is good.

We are with you.


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