Thursday, January 28, 2021

1/28/21 Rules to Live By and It's Law

Rules to Live By

Life is like any of your other board games, you have to learn the rules before it goes well.

There are certain rules (Universal Laws) that govern how things must go.

Most of them you learn by trial and error along the way.

Remembering that they are the natural laws (rules) helps you navigate the challenges easier.

Slow and steady wins the race but you need to learn more of the rules first.

Then use the energy they can create to help you on the way.

We are there to help you now and always.


  It’s Law

What you do to others will come back to you.

Love and hate are the energies that react to this command.

This is so important because of their polar opposite’s emotional effects.

The more of this energy you send out, the more will be coming back at you,

    creating the atmosphere around you.

Remember it’s Law –

What you send out, will come back at you.

You can not send out hate and expect love in return.

This is an important lesson (rule) as you go along the way.

We will help you see how it works.


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