Saturday, January 30, 2021

1/30/21 A Different Perspective and Finding the Answer

 A Different Perspective

Climbing the Eiffel Tower definitely gives you a different perspective of the Earth’s surface (the sky also).

If you are not weary of being high up you would find it very exciting and pleasant.

Finding the answer to a difficult problem or challenge, you might try seeking a different perspective on the view of it.

You don’t have to climb the Eiffel Tower to accomplish that but stepping out of the ordinary might help.

Take a fresh look from a different perspective perhaps, away from the surface and you will see thing differently.

The challenge will appear smaller and less intimidating.

Your abilities are limitless and you have support to see it through.

It’s always your choice, of course.

We are with you.



 Finding the Answer

Stepping out of the ordinary – away from the crowd,

  finding a place of peace and tranquility,

   then you might be able to look at things differently.

Give yourself the chance to have a different perspective and see more clearly,

    away from distractions and outside influences.

Allow all of the possibilities to be known and discover what you feel and know about each one.

Your inner guidance is there but only when you allow it to be heard, felt and known.

Choose wisely and informed.

Be at peace with the answer.

We are with you.


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