Saturday, January 9, 2021

1/9/21 Healing Work and A Doctor's Care and re-post from 2014 Go With The Flow - enjoy.

1/9/21 Healing Work 

When someone is in your thoughts and prayers and you are sending them healing energy.
They are getting the healing help that they need, keeping them in a constant flow of positive electrons.
With this healing process can only go in that direction as far as possible.
You too must keep a positive attitude, seeing the healing process continue.
It’s a miracle what can be done.
And miracle workers are the ones doing that work.
Focus on the healing and it will be done.
We are with you.
1/9/21 A Doctor’s Care
(I am seeing hand tools, drills, a triangle, hammer, and soldering iron, screwdriver. etc.)
All of these are for the repair of your house, your physical home.
But what about your home for your non-physical body while you are here on the Earth plane?
There are the doctor’s tools and the healing taking place with him.
Your body can replace itself to a certain degree but the rest must be taken care of under the care of your doctor.
The one you trust.
He is guided by your team and will do the right thing.
You are in well hands.
We are there.
1/9/14 Go With The Flow
Life is sometimes referred to as a journey, a path, a destiny.
It is said that life flows like a river, taking you places that you are destine to experience.
Like the water of the river, it meanders around obstacles and corners but always or most always heading downstream.
When you struggle against the current of your life you find the most resistance and often become quite stagnant.
Turn around, go with the flow, allow the natural progression of things to take you where you need to be.
Everything will appear just as it should and you will have more energy to deal with each incident.
You will see the beauty in the journey itself, time and energy to explore and enjoy each passing moment.
Breathe in deeply and slowly.
Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of just the being of life.

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