Friday, January 29, 2021

1/29/21 More Rules?

More rules?

What’s wrong with more rules?

There are some who just don’t like the word rules and will do the opposite to, in fact,

   break the rules to see what the consequences are.

Well, for them, life is most likely a struggle because the rules – the Laws – are there for a good reason.

They keep the natural forces in the universe equal and react normally and predictable.

Science is the study of these predictable forces.

The true nature of everything is still evolving and being studied.

Science is trying to catch up, to understand, to explain, to make sense of all that is.

But there is more, more that is not yet explained or known to science.

It is there, there it is, just outside the rim of their knowledge.

How can we exist, as consciousness, in another realm, yet be with you?

You know it, you feel it, you trust it. It is real.

The science of it is still to be explained and known.

The rules of life and what you call death, (transition) are there and will someday be understood.

This will bring much comfort and less worry.

We ARE with you – sharing peace, love and joy.


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