Tuesday, January 26, 2021

1/26/21 The Believing and repost from 1/26/14 A Life Plan Victory!

The Believing

True spiritual connection can only be done, can only be real to those who believe.

Open your heart, open your soul to that knowing.

There will be signs, there will be nudges, to show you we are near.

But true comfort and healing will only come with the believing, the trusting that all is well.

We are with you in every way.

Still sharing your life, still knowing your pain and happiness and such.

We are there in every way.

When you can feel our presence in your heart –

You know – we are One!



1/26/14 A Life Plan Victory!

 In Memory of Nicole Michelle Lee 6/22/89- 1/26/08

(I ask spirit these questions so that I may understand death and dying)


When you come to face your death, the physical one, we are talking about, you will be surrounded by your guides and teachers.

You will not feel alone if you believe and allow them to guide you.


They will comfort and show you where you need to go.

They will shed light and grace on your ethereal body so it will feel the love.


Many remember right away, where they have come from and continue to make a smooth transition.

Loved ones from spirit come to meet them and encourage they journey through the veil.


If you find there is resistance, much guidance and care are provided.

You are never rushed or taken. You step at your own pace. We are with you all the way.


If death comes very quickly and it’s a shock that you are there, much guidance and love is there to help you to remember and understand.

We walk through the steps of your personal journey with you so you will feel more at ease and understand.


Do not weep for those who have passed for they have come home at last.

Rejoice in all their accomplishments and the love they have shared with you.


From the spirit world, all is possible and they can still be with you.

Look for them in ways you will recognize.

Their laughter, their smile and their love.


Their encouragement will truly help you through your trying days and they will be rejoicing with you all the way.


Someday, you too will make that step across the veil and ready you will be.

All the lessons and influence done – a life plan victory!



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