Friday, January 15, 2021

1/15/21 Powerful Energy

Your thoughts do create your feelings and that is some powerful energy.

It is so important to monitor what you are bringing into your thoughts, where you are allowing them to go.

Ask yourself how are they making you feel.

It this for your highest good to be dwelling on this situation?

Is this how you want to feel?

What does feeling this way do for your energy, for your growth?

If you want to change this outcome, change your thoughts.

Put that aside.

Think about something else, something positive.

It sounds easy but sometimes it is difficult.

The work you do will pay off.

You will feel the energy change, lighten up.

Practice when you find yourself drifting back to thoughts that are not in your highest good.

Turn off the distractions -they are for someone else.

Find light, and love and peace for you to think about.

It will bring the calm you seek.

Nurture this energy, for this is where you want to be.

For there you can see more possibilities.

The direction is clear.

We are with you.


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