Friday, January 8, 2021

1/8/21 Simple Awareness and The Word Love

Simple Awareness

 A motion to move forward, an urge to go on.

Sometimes, you are compelled to make changes, choices that go beyond your comfort zone.

Fear is what holds you back. 

You are conditioned to need and want the comfort from what you are used to.

You know what it is and what to expect.

Growth and expansion can only happen when you allow it to be possible.

Open the door to new possibilities and let it come closer.

Simple awareness will bring you the comfort you might nee to accept the challenge.

Your creativity has been a little stifled of late.

You can do more and you will be pleased.

It is not a stranger knocking at the door.

It’s your Higher Self urging you to give it a chance.

We ate there with you.

You are never alone.



The Word Love

And so, it is the word love.

It is a word that comforts most.

You search for its meaning.

You search for its presence.

Not realizing that you need to search no more.

You are love in its purest form.

It’s all you can be.

So, it’s not love you are looking for but the expression of love.

That too is everywhere for you to see.

Look closely and you’ll find it everywhere, every day.

Simple awareness of what it might be.

The smallest gesture to the grandest display.

It’s all there if you let that be what you see.

In the debris, left behind, from hatred and war, the expression of love is still there to see.

Simple awareness of what it could be.

Since that is what you search for and that is what you seek.

Be a true expression of love in your own life so you can recognize it in the world around you.

That Expression of Love

That simple awareness changes everything. (Can you feel it?)

We are with you.


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