Saturday, January 2, 2021

1/2/21 Intention

The idea of traditions bringing you luck, one way or another, are false but the idea of changing the way you think about your path is a relatively good condition.

When you put energy into thinking about what you want to see happen, it gives energy toward its creation, moving it closer to fruition.

This is a great process for this time of year.

Project what you want to see.

Move towards it in thought and action.

Be persistent and thorough.

Trust that it is done and you will be more pleased with the results.

All is well.


Of course, we are here!


Good will or good luck is not everything you want.

Be specific in your intention.

Don’t leave it up to chance.

Pick out a more exact place or thing you want to see and put your thoughts and energy there.

Narrow the focus.

It’s not hit or miss.

Bullseye your dream.

Be confident in your success.

Never wavering from your intent.

You will see it.

We are with you.


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